About Me

An average Pakistani and karachite self thought Full stack Developer and photographer that have a thing for minimal monochromatic photography and a love for portraits (Still Learning how to take good one's).

I was always someone who was interested in computers even when I didn’t have access to them. installed my first windows in 2000 without any supervision on my aunt’s PC, got my first email address in the year 2001 with the help of my uncle who was going to london for study and needed someone that can connect with him instantly. created an account on skype in 2003 in the internet cafe, experienced my first gaming zone in 2005, made an account on facebook in 2007, wrote my first line of code editing counter strike in 2008, joined twitter in 2009 and tweeted first time saw twitter go down too, dropped out of University in 2011 and learned how to create website’s in the same year.

Got my internship at a software house in 2013 and actually put my skills to their use and I have been developing website’s, creating graphs, infographics, chat bots, desktop / mobile application since then.